In this post, summarizing task cards are previewed with test prep strategies to help students succeed!

Reading Test Prep: Summarizing, Without the Headaches!

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Summarizing can be so difficult for some upper elementary students to grasp! I think you’ll agree with me when I say, …some tests (including STAAR) can cause headaches when they ask students to summarize text! It has to be this way, right? Or does it? I’m going to show you how reading teachers successfully teach […]

Reading Test Prep & STAAR Review are easier with these engaging teaching ideas and task cards!

Reading Test Prep: Making Inferences

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  You might have heard, “If you teach it right, they don’t need test prep.” This may be true for some advantaged students. But let’s face it, a reading test represents a unique genre that requires specific skills. Reading test prep is essential. And if you’re in Texas, STAAR review is even more critical. Before we […]

How do you maintain happiness, control stress, and be strong? Here are three keys to help.

How to be a Happier Teacher

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  Teacher happiness can be difficult to find sometimes. Look. What other profession provides almost no restroom breaks, works exclusively with developing humans, has a 20-minute lunch, and requires you to spend your own money for your professional tools? Let’s face it. Teaching is tough! But we knew that after our college internship. And we […]

The must-have teaching strategies for any middle school classroom!

Middle School Strategies for Habits of Mind

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Middle school students have unique needs. If you’ve spent more than a day in a classroom with these awesome adolescents, then you know…well, you know a lot of things. Instructional strategies for middle students require a blend of social interest, academic challenge, and careful scaffolding (see more on Scaffolding). What […]