NEWS: Resources for Martin Luther King Jr Day and Black History Month

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Teaching resources are in the works for Martin Luther King Jr Day! Videos, PowerPoints, Research Guides, and Reading Task Cards are a few resources that can help you teach about Martin Luther King’s incredible story!   Martin Luther King Jr Task Cards The task cards are built around drawing conclusions as a reading skill. It’s […]

How to use visible learning in your classroom with these 15 strategies.

15 Strategies Make an Impressive Impact in Students Lives!

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  You’ll probably agree with me when I say, “200% more growth than peers” is quite a stretch. Or is it? In our recent nine-week action research, students who focused on visible learning strategies outperformed their peers on district standardized tests. But that’s not all. They achieved over 200% more growth than their peers. We’ll […]

How do you Student Visible Learning in your classroom?

What is Student Visible Learning and how will it improve your Students’ Learning?

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So, what did you learn at school today? It’s an innocent question and very appropriate for any adult to ask a student. But why then do students consistently fail to recall what they learned? Often they just say, “Nothing” or “We read a book.” Visible learning changes that. You plan instruction, write objectives on the […]