Scaffolding Learners

Not all support is the same - too much scaffolding creates dependence, too little create frustrated learners. Read about these 15 Scaffolding Strategies...

Growth Mindset

Focus on effort, goal-setting, and learning strategies to help students develop the resiliency mindset needed for lifelong learning. Read Growth Mindset...

How can Visible Learning Strategies Impact Teaching?Visible Learning?

If there are a set of strategies that have been shown to consistently help students learn more, would you use them? Have you heard of visible learning? Read What is Visible Learning...

Don't finish 2017 without trying at least 3 of these 27 teaching ideas for 2017!Teaching in 2017

27 Teaching ideas that every teacher should try during 2017. The list includes classroom management, technology, and formative assessment ideas. Read 27 Teaching Ideas for 2017...

Why Teaching Strategies Matter

You only have 60 minutes, or 90 minutes per subject. You have a range of student abilities. You have too many standards to teach.

...Add on interruptions, social and emotional learning, and any mistakes that occur.

Strategy matters because it minimizes the impact of all of these factors.


Instructional Strategies. You know students learn best when they are truly engaged in what they are learning. The best instructional strategies give students the right opportunities to explore, analyze, discuss, examine, practice, and receive feedback on the concepts and skills they are ready to learn.


Teaching without Strategy. Every course comes with teaching materials. You are usually provided with a teacher's edition of a textbook or a website with resources. Teaching without strategies is the same as being a mail delivery...deliver the teaching materials to the students. You are more the Amazon Prime - you are a strategic teaching professional!


Reading Strategies

Reading Teaching Strategies that Work!

Close Reading

Close Reading for Elementary Students: Close reading allows elementary students to develop a deep and detailed understanding of the text...



Summarizing Without the Headaches: Summarizing can be so difficult for some upper elementary students to grasp! I think you’ll agree with me when I say...


Guided Reading

4 Guided Reading Strategies: Here are four ways to blast out of traditional guided reading lessons and into next generation guided reading...

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Math Strategies


Spiral Practice vs. Massed PracticeSimple strategies for math teachers who want to make the most of skills practice!

Spiral, Massed, and Spaced Practice: Students need a variety of practice opportunities. Here are 7 ideas to help in the math...


Scavenger Hunt

Comparing Fractions Scavenger Hunt: Math teachers, you know that students need spiral review and much of the time, review of...


Math Strategies

Join TeamTom Testers to find free resources each monthly to use with out strategies. Task cards, videos, test prep...

Resource Ideas

Strategies for Engagement

Teaching Resources Should Ease the burden of Test Review


Physical Movement and Student Engagement: Here’s one strategy – a very simple strategy – you can use to increase engagement...


Middle School

Middle School Strategies for Habits of Mind: Middle schoolers are discovering their self-identity and increased social awareness. Here are 6 approaches that...


School Culture

Visible Learning Strategies

How do you Student Visible Learning in your classroom?
15 Strategies

15 Visible Learning Strategies: In our recent nine-week action research, students who focused on visible learning strategies outperformed their peers on district standardized tests - 200% more growth... Tap here to read more.


Visible Learning

What is Visible Learning: From 800 studies, there was not another student factor that had as big of an impact on learning... Tap here to read more.


Test Prep