NEWS: Close Reading Christmas Around the World

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NEWS: Christmas Around the World


Close Reading for Elementary?

Yes. Indeed. Of course. 

It's not that elementary students can do close reading - they need close reading

They need close reading to develop text analysis skills. They need close reading to develop a deep and detailed understanding of text. Elementary students at the transitional stage of reading rapidly develop text dependent strategies. Close reading is the perfect approach to teaching them how to refine those reading strategies.

For more detailed teaching strategies, read here: Close Reading for Elementary Students


Close Reading that helps elementary students develop reading skills through scaffolding and support.

Close Reading Should Scaffold Reading Skills

It's more than signposts and answering questions. 

Close reading for elementary students and intermediate students should provide scaffolding for reading skills. Young readers gain little from worksheets that ask recall questions. 

Close reading resources need to provide open-ended prompts. Students are required to think, reflect, reread, and write. This is the process that will build long-term reading results!

Great readers clarify words and phrases. They think about connections they can make to the text. They make inferences from details in the texts, and they analyze the text.

Teachers Pay Teachers: Close Reading Christmas Around the World

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