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TeamTom Education makes learning real.TeamTom Education is about learning. We do education. Teaching ideas and resources, learning for professionals, learning for students, and school improvement - those are what we do. We offer educational leadership resources, teaching ideas, and school improvement services. Our team holds decades of certified PreK-12 teaching and leadership experience. All of our members are state certified and hold masters degrees in various education fields.

We were tired of not having quality resources. We were tired of over-paying for activities that were over-rated. That's where we began.

Teaching ideas and resources.

Lesson planning & TeamTom. Easy. We focus on the resources, so you can focus on your students!

Teachers spend hours working at getting just the right activity. We often take homework, stay late at school, and spend hours creating activities because we want the perfect assignments for instruction. That's where TeamTom helps.

Learning for professionals.

Professional learning can be difficult for campus leaders and principals to facilitate. Outside experts can not meet the varying needs professional development. Finding resources for learning is difficult. That's where we come in. We have personalized professional learning experiences tailored to meet various needs. We have digital courses, online resources, and we provide on-site professional learning customized to meet the vision, goals, and needs of a campus and its educators.

Learning for students. 

Students rarely receive personalized and self-paced curriculum in a whole group setting. It is near impossible for one teacher to provide a class of students acceleration and deceleration all in real-time. We provide learning solutions to supplement instruction in the classroom, support self-paced learning at home, and professional tutoring after hours.

School improvement.

We provide specialized consulting, coaching, and mentoring for campus and district leaders. Our services guarantee results. Schools can improve, and we can team up to get you there!

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